6.5 Incentives & Participation

  • Intent

    Assess government-supported incentives and initiatives for visionary and sustainable lifestyles.

  • Affected Areas

    Equity Local Hinterland Global
  • Instructions

    1. Identify local government-supported programmes and initiatives (other than education) whose primary purpose is to contribute positively to any of the UNI themes. These activities should enable the active involvement of vulnerable members of society. Incentives and initiatives should be inclusive and support diverse participation that is safe for all.

    Such activities include:

    • Awards organised by municipalities
    • Calls for tenders, funding and state support to projects and local organisations • Support for citizen science initiatives
    • Activities organised in the framework of corporate social responsibility projects with local businesses

    2. Score the advanced or basic indicator as follows:

    Basic: Calculate either total local government expenditure or the total number of direct participants related to eligible activities, providing gender-disaggregated data.

    Advanced: Use both methodologies.

  • Alternatives

    For the budgetary approach, complete Singapore Index indicator 16.

  • Scoring

    • Multi-year positive trend established
    • Positive trend observed
    • Baseline measured
    • Negative trend observed
    • Data deficient
    • Unchanged trend
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